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winter, so to speak

To all of those who say that Los Angeles doesn't have seasons, I typically retort, "Oh, that's not true at all. It rains in February." This typically gets a laugh. But while I have phrased it in what some seem to find a humorous way, it's not really a joke - it does rain in February, and that's our version of winter. It also gets chilly at night, but it does that all year round, so that doesn't really qualify as seasonal. (Although it does get chillier in the winter, we're splitting hairs at this point, since evenings are almost always somewhat cooler than comfort would prefer, without ever making it to the point that my New England native blood would categorize as "cold.")

So when it got to be the middle of February and it hadn't rained yet (At least not enough that I could call it "rainy"), I was getting alarmed that my little adage had gone sour. But now we've had two days of rain in the past week, and I am reassured, if a bit soggy.

Now, I don't like the rain (although I am well aware of its many benefits) because when it's raining, it's usually not sunny. And I like sunny days with little fluffy clouds. I don't care that it's undifferentiated from day to day; I like the sun and the little fluffy clouds. I far prefer it to the grey clamminess and humidity outside today. I love the smell of rain (on grass, on pavement, both great), but for my taste, that smell doesn't compensate for the lack of sun and the lack of little fluffy clouds. So today, like most rainy days, my mood leans toward the "eh" side of things.

However, I'm okay with the rain. It's February, and all is right with the seasons in Los Angeles.


Update: friends in town! w00t! procrastinating work! not-so-w00t! unpacking and picking color for guestroom! neato! cleaning! eh!

The Triplets of Belleville in 25 words or less:
Creative, eccentric, and poignantly funny, with excellent moments and music - but it didn't make a coherent whole, for me. Oddly, better to describe than watch. C+.
Tags: 25-word, movies
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