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It's pretty much work and the occasional movie around here

Jane Eyre in 25 words or less
Gorgeous locations, art direction -- but lost something of the characters' motivations. It's hard, I'm sure, translating such an internal story into a 2-hour visual medium. B.

Get Him to the Greek in 25 words or less
WAY better than it has any right to be: honest yet ridiculous, it pulls you along. Also, a hilarious (and, dare I say, good) soundtrack. B+.

Pushing Tin in 25 words or less
I had remembered the awesome air-traffic-control scenes, but had forgotten how downright weird the plot of this very-dark comedy was. B.

Star Treks 2, 3, and 6 -- YES, I CAN DO THIS -- in 25 words or less
Let's face it. They're Star Trek movies, not earth-shattering cinema (ST2 comes closest). But they've got idealism, and great music, and adventure, and heart. B+.
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