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It's horror time!

I've watched two highly entertaining movies lately, both of which can loosely be categorized as "horror." Not being a horror film person (despite being a horror RPG-er), I hasten to add that they're somewhat outside the more typical horror genre. Each has a bit of gore, but also a good bit of humor, action, and even thoughtfulness, since each subverts what might be our stereotyped assumptions about the characters' intentions. Each also has a great "low-budget" quality about it, as if the filmmakers really stretched their resources to squeeze as much excitement and entertainment out of them as possible. Perhaps the horror genre is better suited to that than many, but regardless, it's refreshing. In this age of expensive blockbusters, it's nice to see people relying on story and sleight of hand sometimes.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil in 25 words or less:
Two well-meaning hillbillies are mistaken for serial killers. Great casting (including Alan Tudyk!) and inventive humor make up for a bit of predictability. B+.

Attack the Block in 25 words or less:
London inner-city miscreants fight aliens. In a way, it's what Super 8 wanted to be. Less ambitious -- naturally -- but tight, tense, and entertaining. B+.
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