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It's not that I haven't seen a movie for *that* long but

It's true, I haven't been to a movie theater for an awfully long time. I'm quite sure I've been out to the movies sometime between January and now. Yes, in fact, I definitely saw The Avengers in theaters. But apparently I didn't write myself a 25-word review of it. And come to think of it, I also saw The Dark Night Rises, too. For that one, my review comports largely with the friend who described it to me as "a triumph of theme over plot." Regardless, I enjoyed both, although I guess neither inspired me to run home and tell everyone about having seen them.

So then I went to the movies last night. And am going to go again tonight. WACKY! So here's my review for the first outing:

Wuthering Heights (2012) in 25 words or less:
I didn’t think it was possible to make Wuthering Heights too broody. I was wrong. Visually arresting, but too wordless and atmospheric to be engaging. D.

When I ran this review by the friend I saw the movie with, she said "That's a pretty kind review. You should probably add a warning that there are some hard moments to watch. But then again saying outright that animals die and there's kind of a brief flirtation with necrophilia may be too harsh." Consider yourselves warned. Really, it's more like two movies: a gorgeous nature documentary about the Yorkshire Downs, intercut with a very dark and largely wordless tale of obsession and destruction. I liked the former better than the latter. But your mileage may vary. Certainly many of the metacritics liked it. Ah, well.
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