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In which I whine and then talk about happier things

So I'm back from a fantastic long-weekend of traveling and visiting with friends and seeing the beautiful Maine Coast and riding on back streets and aargh! I have a cold. I have often been heard to say that summer colds are the worst - and here's why. In the winter, when you have a cold, you can bundle up and feel just-that-much better. In the summer, you're already hot. Bundling up doesn't help. But I think I'm going to try taking a bath. The steam might do me good. And sitting in the bath is always comforting. It might even help to diminish the pain in my ear that started on the descent into Cleveland and never really went away. Ah, "Descent into Cleveland." Perhaps that should be the title of this week's poem.

On a related note, DayQuil. Man. It's like Speed. If I didn't know better, I could abuse that stuff. Okay, actually, I couldn't really, because I probably wouldn't enjoy being jittery all the time (at least not any more jittery than I usually am) but I'm just saying, that stuff's something.

But there are happier things. The weekend was just lovely - the wedding was one of the more seamless and beautiful, and by far the most chilled-out, wedding I've been to. That makes two very fun, gorgeous, and appropriate DIY-style weddings in as many weeks. I applaud the organizers of each, and am thankful to have been included in both.

All told, the weekend entailed about 16 hours in the air, and probably well over 19 additional hours on the road (in a long triangle involving Hartford Airport, Maine, and Western Mass), but even the travel time was fun. On the plane, I read the masterful "The Two Towers" (perhaps I will chat about that at greater length in another post) and in the car I was always surrounded by friends and family. I even enjoyed the description, accompanied by nineteen (19!) rolls of film, of my parents' summer vacation. And at each stop in the travel I had visits with people I see all-too-infrequently.

Plus, I have always enjoyed giving gifts (a good bit more than receiving them, I think) and this weekend and the preceding week offered several great opportunities to do so, between the wedding, my parents' wedding anniversary, and various spontaneous (and not-so spontaneous) gifts for friends. I don't know why I derive so much joy from giving gifts, but regardless, it's very nearly a selfish endeavor for me. Somehow I doubt that that's normal, but I'm not complaining. I'm just happy, and lucky, to be in a situation where I'm able to do it.

So... while I sit here with my tissue and decongestant, at least I can look back on a fun weekend!

Finally, as promised, another 25 words:

ANALYZE THIS in 25 words or less:
Intelligent slapstick, in which mobster is perhaps-too-conveniently cured of his comical father-related issues. On second viewing, henchman "Jelly" nearly steals the film. A-.
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