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Quirky? You decide.

I have decided to "rename" my journal page and my friends page. They didn't have names before, just "ellinor's journal" and "ellinor's friends," which were certainly descriptive, but lacked a certain panache.

Of course, for the renaming of my journal page, I went to one of my go-to phrases, "embracing the quirk." But upon re-reading, I observe that my livejournal entries might not embrace the quirk quite as much as I do in real life, or as much as the name might suggest. I'm not saying I necessarily want the journal to become more quirky, but . . . I don't want to betray the new name, either. So to that end, I present the entire text of a spam I received this morning:

awe ferromagnetism invincible pal clint bellhop
eucalyptus biltmore balletic prosperous sting boylston
smudge loyalty alphameric potato appellant address
stir dorset cranelike planetoid hundredth creekside
%Rin diagnosis rowdy creedal certificate wally
ND_WORD conciliate phillip adultery collagen effusion
congressional prussia venomous coax lion ripple
ambient phlox bewilder blackjack deplete finn.

You can't make these things up, folks.

In other news, my life is bubbling along quite well. I'm busy at work (writing indignant letters, reviewing correspondence, and writing a "pocket brief," among other things); my mother's in town for a few days (she's gardening! we had a lovely time last night at the garden center. And I'll have beautiful fluffy hydrangeas in my beds by the end of the day!); and I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! - which I will be setting up tonight, probably, which will permit me to do this from home again, I suspect. And I read the newest work by M, who is really extremely talented. There are lots of other little things, and plenty of media reviews brewing in my head, but I think those are the major points for now.

Back to the indignant letters.
Smiles -
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