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something different

This evening I left the office a little after 6pm with cantot. It felt transgressive.

Anyway, we picked up M and headed over to a concert at the Knitting Factory by young snark-jazz phenom Nellie Mckay. She performed well, although one can tell that her voice and piano technique will grow in the coming years, and her (excellent) recorded work clearly benefits from production polishing. Anyway, her audience repor is excellent, her lack of a set list is charming, and the concert was very enjoyable overall. I commend her to you. (Someday I may even commend her again.)

She has two kinds of songs, as far as I can tell: songs that sound like they could have been written 40 years ago (jazz standards, like) and more modern, almost angry ones. Both kinds are excellently written, but I prefer her performances of the older-sounding ones-I think they show off her strong points better, as well as just being better crafted for the ages, so to speak. But the crowd really seemed to enjoy her newer-sounding ones even more...guess I'm just out of touch. Either way, I had a lovely time. Check her out sometime. www.nelliemckay.com.

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