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The Raspberry-Banana Civic

A bit of poetry for ya, sort of.

Long story short,
The car in front of me slammed
On its brakes with no warning
And the slushie beside me
Learned to fly that day,
Sailing through the air from the passenger's seat
To the dashboard
And, somehow, back.

Pink and yellow everywhere
In splashes on the floor and seat and
Even the roof has bits of seed
On the gearshift, particularly, it seems,
Everywhere but the cup.

Mmm, raspberry.
And oh, raspberry, oh, fuck,
I swore into the air at the effrontery
Of the car in front
And its unintentional evocation
Of that banana-related trauma
From when I was in first grade
And I first learned that bananas
Don't travel well.
The trauma from first grade
With the cloth lunchbag with the squirrel embroidered on it,
The trauma that makes me still wary
Of the odor of bananas,
With good reason, it seems.

The car-wash guys appreciated me
And the bit of humor in their day
As the raspberry-banana Civic
Got a shampoo.
And with slight hesitation
It succumbed to the turtle wax
And relinquished its

The dashboard now
Shines back at me
With unprecedented
The seats' flesh smells a bit
Of grandmother, or hospital,
Or something else that's mostly clean
But not without

Well, chalk it up, I guess,
To another lesson learned
About the fitness of the banana
For traveling.
Tags: poetry, raspberry-banana
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