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Update and a movie. Like dinner and a movie, but shorter.

I've been a busy little bee lately, buzzing with work and generally getting things done. It would feel better if I didn't have an ever-growing to-do list, I'm sure, but it still feels good. Every so often I think of something and say to myself "I should post about that" - but then I take another glance at the to-do list and put off the posting, and (I should mention) the LJ reading. So if anyone has posted anything lately that they think I should know or would enjoy, comment about it here and I'll go check. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the productivity, and I'll leave you with some sage advice I received lately, and a movie review.

The first was from a seminar-lunch thing that I attended on Thursday, with an admired-and-feared authority figure presenting on certain strategies for business success (i.e. rainmaking), which he characterizes as "how to turn the mist into a drizzle." The advice is:

Be yourself. . . . unless you're an asshole. In that case don't be yourself.

As for the movie: let me preface by saying that special edition screenings with q-and-a sessions are among the many things that make L.A. a pretty neat city.

This is Spinal Tap in 25 words or less:
Neither time nor repeated viewings dulls the luster of this comedic teamwork masterpiece - which, amazingly, both precisely imitated one genre (rockumentary) and invented another (mockumentary). A.

smiles to all -
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