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Great weekend, although I could have done with another day of it. It's hard to argue with a weekend that includes moviegoing with friends, mellow-tv-watching with M, baking cupcakes and peach-upside-down cake (both super yummy!) in a baking posse, and a celebratory day of board games and fresh-pizza-making at the home of fajitas. Hmmm, games, movies, television, and food. My kind of weeekend.

Now, worky work. Tying up loose ends from the previous week, and feeling oddly hesitant about finishing them because it means going back to the great unknown of the long-term (and extremely essential, so I really shouldn't procrastinate them any more) projects.

If I keep going to so many movies my TiVo is going to get really jealous.

But for now, Anchorman in 25 words or less:
Steve Carrell, and cameos by new-comedy greats, elevate this film from "pretty funny" to "much funnier than expected." Goofy and highly enjoyable light fare. B.

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