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I grew up in the country, kind of. We had a big hill behind the house, with a path leading down past the vegetable garden, past the compost heap, through the forest to a nice little pond where we could swim. It wasn't a farm or anything, but it was rural living of a sort. Now, living in a relatively urban area with a not-so-big plot of land, I find myself craving some of the things about my childhood house that I can't replicate, like the big compost heap under the cedar tree, surrounded by chicken wire and snow fencing, which produced lovely topsoil on a rather quick schedule, out of nothing more than kitchen scraps and the occasional grass clippings. I don't miss the heapyness of it, but I do miss composting. So! I went to composters.com (god bless the internet) and I now have a spiffy new composter. Even though it comes deconstructed in several parts, I still had some trouble fitting all of the pieces in the car, and I have some small concern that it will not be as easy to snap together as they claim. But I am optimistic. Now I can embark on a program of slightly-more-environmental-friendliness. With a combination of luck and, well, luck, I will have lovely nutrient-filled gardening dirt in only a few months, and a veritable dirt factory for a long time to come.

woobat and sylvantechie, I may have questions if it doesn't turn out to be as easy as I remember from my childhood.

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