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For some reason I feel compelled to recount the high points of my busy and fun weekend just past: worked on Friday afternoon with a movie on in the background (see below) which was a nice change of pace; saw a performance of some unaired episodes of the shouldn't've-been-cancelled show "Wonderfalls" Friday night; and went to the beach with friends on Saturday which was an even greater and nicer change of pace - particularly the addition of New-Mexico visitor N to the crowd. Then a friend's party on Saturday night; and then a productive and friend-filled day on Sunday sleeping in, writing, lunching at Los Angeles classic Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, bringing N to the bus station for his return trip, and having my traditional Sunday Six Feet Under gathering. Not much solitary time, but I can have that some other time.

Anyway, I should have done lots of work over the weekend, or at least been moderately productive today instead of spending surprisingly large chunks of the day playing a silly Trogdor-The-Burninator flash adventure game from Homestarrunner, but I didn't. I have to have faith that the productivity will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, it is now my duty to provide a review:
Laurel Canyon in 25 words or less:
Paradoxically implausible and predictable, this story about grownups learning to grow up is redeemed by talented and pretty performers - and ends at the right time. B.
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