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Um, yeah. No update today either, really.

Things are buzzing along here, fueled by the need for productivity and the anticipation of having good olympics-in-the-background working time tonight. I have enjoyed the Olympics a great deal more than I expected to - I expected to be all jaded and above-it-all, but in truth I thought the opening ceremonies were about the coolest thing I'd seen ever, and the sports have been fascinating, especially some of the more offbeat ones. None of this is helping me clear my TiVo, but one must have priorities.

Meanwhile, I went to the movies on Sunday morning. The ArcLight at 10:45 am is a strange place, full of addled-seeming workers (with rather conspiratorial attitudes regarding what appeared to be a crashed membership computer system) and a lot of empty seats. Through a series of misunderstandings, I ended up seeing Garden State without cantot and 43(a), with whom I had promised to see it, but once I got over the pangs of guilt, I enjoyed it a great deal. I'm thinking of buying the soundtrack, but since I already own many of the albums that the songs come from . . . you see my dilemma.

Garden State in 25 words or less:
Picturesque progression of "moments" dotting the journey from ennui to hopeful uncertainty. A bit precious, but good-natured, funny, effective, well-shot, and well-scored. B+.
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