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dadaist spam

I am not sure when the practice of fooling spam-filters by inserting paragraphs of random words came into vogue. I haven't gotten very many of these dadaist gems, but I know several people who get a lot of them. Anyway, sometimes they seem to have meaning, however obscured, in their randomness. Perhaps when we receive these e-mails, we can read them, like tea leaves or the steaming entrails of a slaughtered goat (or the unholy combination of the two), and discern our futures. Or perhaps interpret them, as dreams. So I present to you this delphic beauty, from (I kid you not) jenny@hereismylemonyoujerk.com. Its sales pitch exhorts me to ACT NOW!!! because I "will not come across something that will help you like this - again!!" although it does not identify the product to be enjoyed. It does offer me an opportunity to "unsunscr1be," but why would I unsubscribe from my very future, I ask you.

the text:

corruption piddle waning alien p0cket-b00k empty

nearness saddles craftiness archeological , expiration pumpkin offers gilt graders illusory painted.

sanctuaries plentifully scripture global , savaged grenades rewardingly .monstrous carrion unequal upshots ; nearness stirrings addresseesgrenades.

Well, Jenny, thanks for the lemon. But I'm not a jerk. Or at least I hope I'm not.

Any thoughts on interpretation?
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