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A rec for y'all

“You want to tell him that?” Lira asks, pointing to Euro, still writhing on the ground. “That is a weasel who demands a voice!”

- Welcome to the Halmae.

I don't remember whether I've pimped this story hour in this space before, but . . . Some of you know fajitas, the DM of the adventures it chronicles. Some of you know Spyscribe, aka M, who writes said chronicles. I'm just a fan, but I say Justice Demands that you read it. Fun, adventure, compelling characters, brilliant dialogue, humor, and a fascinating and deeply-constructed world.

The longer you wait, the longer the story will be when you finally start reading, and the harder it will be to catch up. There's already a lot of story there to read! (They're up to "Part the Seventy-Seventh," from which the above quote is taken). What better time than when you have a little break from work to give thanks!

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