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1 picture > 1000 words

Sure, I can tell people I'm tired, that I stayed up late working and such, and that I'm a little out of it today. But what could tell them better than the fact that I just went into the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror, and realized that all day today, though work, through my big ol' important meeting, through the whole day, without knowing it, I have been wearing two different - entirely dissimilar, in fact - earrings.* Clearly I am going to need a nap of some sort before Trivia.

In other news: Trivia! Tonight! Those in the LA area who need a trivia home: mi Trivia casa es su Trivia casa. Post a reply saying so and I can get you directions and such.

* fajitas noted that this is really only a problem for people (liiike, I don't know, those in my business meeting) who look at me straight on. Anyone who sees me in profile can assume my earrings match. Yeah. That's real comforting.
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