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Nap, anyone?

Over the last week and a half, I have seriously, seriously messed up my internal chronograph. My body has no idea what time it is. But it's been mostly a very good week, from oodles of work, to Trivia (I wanted to post more about that, but I just can't concentrate and anyway it's sort of old news), to various other more mundane but productive activities that keep me off the street and satisfied. Life is good.

Tomorrow: off to Utah for Sundance.
In the meantime I thought it would make sense to post about the movies I've seen so as not to create a backlog:

In Good Company in 25 words or less:
Hovers somewhat disconcertingly between "indie" and "studio," but beautiful touches in acting and directing make this rewarding even if it's a bit on the nose. B+.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy test screening (opens May 6, 2005) in 25 words or less:
Truly inspired casting. Alan Rickman (yes, you heard that right) positively walks off with the movie. I won't say any more to avoid spoilers. B+.
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