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More Movies, and More.

Last weekend was the annual Sundance trip. There were certain fantastic things about it (Seeing a few excellent movies, meeting two people who may well be new friends, seeing very old friends, and visiting with a recently-made friend), some eh things (travelling logistics, and a travelling companion feeling unwell), and some unpleasant things (see below re: Forty Shades of Blue) but overall it was a great trip. I am thinking of expanding it next year, maybe, if it's practical to do so.

After I got back, work emergencies seized me in their vice grip, and I haven't quite yet emerged from that. I have a lot to do and, quite simply, not enough time to do it. It's all good stuff - some very exciting, in fact - but boy is there a lot of it. So sorry for the relative radio silence.

Had a great, albeit brief, visit yesterday evening with wavyarms and a couple of her friends, and eeblet (who I hope feels better soon!). Whirlwind, I tell you, whirlwind!

And now, the movies:

Love, Ludlow in 25 words or less:
Wry and poignant comedy, about a woman living with her mentally impaired brother as she tries to start dating. Charmingly written and acted and designed. B+

Mirrormask in 25 words or less:
Fantasy akin to Labyrinth (sans goofiness). Takes time to get "on board," but what a ride! Must be seen to be believed, so go see. A-.

Swimmers in 25 words or less:
Very bleak story about a poor family whose daughter needs surgery. Not my "thing," but beautifully made, and Tara Devon Gallagher is destined for greatness. B.

Why We Fight (documentary grand prize) in 25 words or less:
This powerful examination of the American military-industrial complex made me cry, a lot. I'd have preferred more history and less current events, but wow. B+

Forty Shades of Blue (dramatic grand prize, because clearly they are smoking crack) in 25 words or less:
The first bad film I've seen at Sundance. Not just unenjoyable: bad. Poorly written, directed, edited, and filmed. Plus, boring. And long. A must-miss. D.

Hustle & Flow (audience grand prize) in 25 words or less:
The never-predictable tale of a pimp trying to break into rap. First-class performances, but the soundtrack alone should get you into the theater. A-.

And one I've seen since coming back:
A Very Long Engagement in 25 words or less:
A quirky, suspenseful epic seen through the eyes of one young woman, doggedly searching for her possibly-alive fiance after WWI. Very engaging. (hee!) A.

smiles to all -
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