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This must be a dream, because suddenly I know family law.

Somehow I had thought - unrealistically - that my going on vacation and returning would bring an end to the rain. As if the flight back from Spokane would function as an alternative anti-rain dance. I was sadly mistaken. But I'm back, anyway, after a stellar vacation (Hip-deep powder! Take that, naysayers who said there wouldn't be snow!) And I had a nice (if brief) visit from caseymae for dinner yesterday. But that's all prologue, because this post is about my dream last night.

Last night I had a dream that I was representing Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in a criminal matter, in which they had been accused of abducting a child. (Clearly, my subconscious had not read the tabloid stories about their breakup). I had not known that I was their lawyer until I got on the bus to take them to the courthouse (I don't know why I was on the bus in the first place) - but it was apparent as soon as I started talking to them that their previous attorney had not told them any of the things they were going to need to know in order to defend against this claim, and (in my dream world) I knew the relevant law and could guide them through. They immediately asked me to represent them and jettisoned their other lawyer. They reported to me that they really loved the child, but thinking back I do not recall exactly how they came to have her. I vaguely recall a story about how the girl's parents left her behind after a visit. Anyway, they appeared to be giving her a good home. They showed me pictures. I remember being struck by how down to earth, grateful, and graciously inquisitive they were. (Now that I think about it, if I were accused of a crime I'd be pretty darn inquisitive, too.). The dream ended as the bus pulled up to the courthouse and we had to walk out together into a sea of reporters.

The funny part of this story is that when I told 43(a) about this dream, she asked "Well, were they guilty?"
"No!" I replied immediately, taken aback that she might impugn the honor of my clients in this matter. "It was a media circus!"
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