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Now with 100% more film, and 50% less whining!

Wow, am I ever looking forward to Sin City.

A coupla reviews:

Elektra in 25 words or less, with a concession to jearl:
Defies expectation: The plot and characterization are (slightly) better than one might expect, but the fight scenes are disappointingly choppy and unnatural. Who'dve guessed? (dimples). C+

Spider-Man 2 in 25 words or less:
The critics went overboard praising this, but it did have fun, cheeky humor, and exciting fights. If only they would stop talking and being illogical! B.

[Seekrit message to PP: MJ is your friend and you are more-or-less the only person on earth with a professional connection to SM. Because of this, MJ will be in danger regardless of whether or not she knows your "secret." Didn't you learn that last time? DUH. Also, there's no need to dissemble about the motorcycle accident on the way to the play. It WAS a motorcycle accident, for gosh's sake.]

Finally: you all know that I have a fondness for martial arts movies, which I somehow makes me think I have the authority to pontificate on them. So here's a bonus opinion on wirework, inspired by having watched this week's Cinenews bit on Eric Lichtenfeld's book, Action Speaks Louder:

Suspend disbelief, not actors. Make us think they can fly, and we will follow you anywhere. Make us think you can lift them in the air, and the best we will ever say is "that was some impressive wirework."
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