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I never thought I'd write the phrase "eros, in 25 words or less."

I'm cheating, giving three grades (and therefore, some might argue, ekeing three more words out of the format), but it would be unfair (esp. to the first short) to do otherwise.

Eros, in 25 words or less:
Three shorts; worth going for the first.
- Quintessential Wong Kar-Wai: atmospheric, subtle, heartbreaking. A.
- Puzzling, amusing, stylish. B.
- Like the unholy offspring of Zalman King and Fellini. F.

On a side note: the film's website (linked above) is pretty good, but if you're going to see the movie, don't read the "synopsis" portions. They tell each story in its entirety, even going so far as to recount dialogue. Someday I'll write about what a movie website should, and shouldn't be. Suffice it to say I don't think that recounting an entire film, dialogue and all, falls into the "should" category.
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