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Well, the Great American Grump-Out has officially ended, but it felt so good yesterday that I am keeping the faith. But I can't keep on delaying my 25 words on Sith. The show must go on.My readers depend on me, you know. (Yeah, right.) So let's see if I can do this without the grump.

On related, but not inextricable, note, if there is a word for six installments of a story the way "trilogy" is for three installments, and "quadrilogy" is for four installments, please let me know. In the absence of such a word in my personal lexicon, I elect "sestalogy." If no such word exists, I request that you all start using "sestalogy" for this, so that we may together start a lingusitic revolution. If there is such a word and it is not "sestalogy," inform me now so that I may stop this foolishness at once.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith in 25 words or less:
Contains some of the most, and least, effective moments of the sestalogy. Usually adjacent to each other. It's frustrating, but provides closure, and occasional transcendence. B-.
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