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I've clearly been saving up the movie reviews

Yep, five of 'em.

Robots in 25 words or less:
As in the Rube Goldberg contraptions it portrays, a jumble of flashy, nonsensical diversions obscure a trivial goal. I lost interest along the way. D.

Local Hero in 25 words or less:
Subtle, understated, and intensely personal; a "small story" that rewards the attentive and caring viewer. Repeated viewing would be a completely different - and welcome - experience. A+.

Million Dollar Baby in 25 words or less:
Showing impressive skill at manipulating emotions without cheap shots, this dramatic melodrama occasionally forays into maudlin territory, but seldom too far or for too long. B+.

Batman Begins in 25 words or less:
The summer-tentpole version of a good story well told, clearly made by people with knowledge and understanding of Batman and his mythology. Go see. A.

Ladies in Lavender in 25 words or less:
An affecting small story of personal transformations, acted pitch-perfectly by prodigious talents. It may not be "Local Hero," but that's a high bar. A-.
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