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Over the weekend (which was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend, with two transcontinental flights, a super wedding, and much excellent visiting) a friend asked how much time it takes to participate in livejournal. Others at the table said that posting doesn't take very long. I disagree. For some reason, writing posts takes a long time for me. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that writing in general takes a long time for me, because I write and then read and then tweak and then re-read and then tweak more, etcetera etcetera. But anyway, I have resolved that this will be a quick post and that any topics not covered in it will just have to wait for other, later and more leisurely posts.

During the aforementioned transcontinental flights, I had the dubious pleasure to be treated to two films. One, I review now. The other I'll have to review later because of the whole "quick post" thing.

LEGALLY BLONDE 2 in 25 words or less:
Inane and often downright embarrassing, but well-meaning. High points are skilled costuming/coiffing and charming (ridiculously happy) ending. Ok fare for a redeye flight. C.

I wrote that review at a Dunkin' Donuts in Providence. I miss the land of the ubiquitous Dunkin' Donuts. I don't pretend to be a donut aficionado, or even a donut appreciator, but I like the occasional fried toroid treat now and then. We have excellent and tasty donuts out here in SoCal, but the most popular of them are an entirely different species of donut than I grew up with . . . somewhat more like fried cotton candy than like fried dough. So, while I was driving around in a semi-lost state in what appeared to be Providence's "wrong side of the tracks" (that town is definitely not big on signage) I saw the comforting orange-and-pink, spent a few minutes nursing a "toasted coconut" and an unreasonably sweet caramel-iced-latte, and wrote a review. Two nice guys who had been discussing the quality of Kobe Bryant's defense counsel and the impact his trial is likely to have on Kobe's career ("Man, Kobe's screwed. And no matter what happens in the trial, those endorsements are gonna dry up! And nowadays it's all about the endorsements!") gave me directions and I was on my way. Just a little slice of life.

Okay, I overestimated my ability to churn out a quick post. But by saving my other thoughts for later, I can at least pretend.

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