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I'd be very surprised if I find myself posting here within the next month. It could happen, but then again a lot of things could happen. The sun could forget to rise tomorrow. A giant tsunami could hit Cleveland. But in general I think I'll be mostly incommunicado. (Or, as my Dad once said, describing the state of being stashed away hiding in a ski vacation home, "incommunicondo.") So don't be alarmed. Just be excited and generally encouraged that in the next month I'll be doing a lot of precisely the kind of work I was recently admonished that I needed to do. Like, seriously, a lot. When I emerge, gasping, from the water, let's hope I'm envigorated.

In the meantime, 'cuz I know I won't do it later if I don't do it now,

Mad Hot Ballroom in 25 words or less:
Spellbound was, by my standards, a near-flawless documentary that kept me hooked and left me with meaning. This was almost as good. A-.

Hustle and Flow in 25 words or less:
It's not that I had forgotten how excellent this movie was - it's that it improved on the second viewing. Truly inspired performances by all involved. A.
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