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Foam chicken is my frieeeend.

I have referred to Foam Chicken at least once on this blog. Foam Chicken has given me great solace in times of need and is at this moment perched atop a roughly 4.5-foot-tall stack of exhibits to briefs, observing the state of general craziness in the conference room that my team has converted into a temporary "war room" in this time of work-inundation. He brings cheer to the team, who have taken to calling him "SF Chicken" or just "SF" (it stands for "squishy foam," if you must know). SF is capable of almost infinite expression, but mostly he either looks happy or quizzical. Right now he looks quizzical. Know why? He can't figure out why there's a picture of his twin brother on the Internet, and he's having an even tougher time figuring out why I made an icon out of him.

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