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Travel is treating me well, although it means fewer opportunities to peruse the ol' friends page. If anyone has had pressing news since the first of the year, let me know because I may never make it to those entries.

Today I see the end of my vacation looming in the near course - Sunday is not only within sensor range, but is up pretty clearly on the viewscreen - and I'm a bit out of sorts about it. I had overbooked this vacation the same way I overbook all of my time - thinking oh, I can do this, and that, and the other thing, all in this two weeks, and surprise surprise, it ahs flown by with little accomplished and not even much rest. But that is the way of things, and I shouldn't be surprised. I should go back to reading my novel, and preparing for my very un-vacation-like conference call coming up, and enjoying the time I've got.

I am reminded of my grandmother, who always seemed to say very early in a visit, "when are you coming back?" As if to say, I know this visit will be insufficient, so I want to be assured that there will be more in the future. In my less charitable moments, I saw it as a tool for levelling guilt (a formidable weapon in her hands, and the chief one in her arsenal), and in my more charitable moments I saw it as an inability to appreciate the "now" - always looking for the cloud amidst the silver - but I think I understand it, now. It was a way of saying that it was okay that this visit would be short, because there will be others. And it will be good to get back home, when I do. There's something awkward about working from vacation, and perhaps that's why this one hasn't been as effective as I'd like - I've only had a few days without work. On the other hand, I don't know how good I ever have been at distancing myself from work. I need to think about that, and get back to you.

New topic: Tonight I get to wear my awesome new dress. Yay!

Finally, a film review, because I really have to get cracking on them:
Pride & Prejudice in 25 words or less:
Heck, I'm just happy to see Matthew MacFayden, but it was also a tight adaptation, that understood and highlighted the story's humor. Plus, beautifully filmed. A-.
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