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If I don't get cracking, I'll be really sorry come Sundance . . .

I'm back. No calamities while I was gone like last year - the only bad news is that my DirecTV on my downstairs TV went out at some point so I am lacking (among other, less arc-based things) the 1/11 episodes of Lost and the 1/14 (or was it 1/15? whichever, the first two) episodes of 24. The Lost I can get from iTunes, but the 24 will be tougher. Does anyone have those episodes recorded and handy? The lesson here: don't leave the house for more than a couple of days.

Bad lesson. No biscuit.

Aaaanyway, the weekend was fantastic, as expected, despite mercurial weather and a very bad cot for sleeping. And now I'm back, with another movie review . . .

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 25 words or less:
In contrast to Pride, this adaptation struggled to capture the book's essence. It didn't cut much flesh, but I'm glad I read the book first. B.
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