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I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. . .

. . . I've just been travelling around it.
Now I'm back, and mostly caught up on things (Except television. And house cleaning. And LJ. And interoffice mail. Aw, heck. I'm not really caught up on much at all. Damn you, inexorable march of time!)

In the interim, I've seen a bunch of movies. (And done lots of hiking, and sightseeing, and had a really amazing weekend of gaming, and watched lots of soccer, and done lots of other things, but none of them are relevant here). One of those movies was:

Wordplay in 25 words or less:
It's no Spellbound (what is!), but it worked. Great subjects (Shortz! Clinton! Stewart!!), some suspense, and most importantly, it's inspired me to do more crosswords. B+.
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