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The movie reviews are back!

Last night I went to see Imogen Heap at the Wiltern. Fantastic concert -- pretty much everything a stage concert should be, in my view. Musically different enough from the albums to be interesting, but no so far out as to be cognitively dissonant; visually interesting, with sets and lights complementing the performance rather than distracting from it; and not painfully loud (although loud enough that I was glad I could makeshift some ear protection). Heap is a fantastic musician with a healthy sense of fun and a firm grasp of how to use technology to enhance natural sound, and she surrounds herself with other talented and dynamic people. If you have a chance to see her, I recommend it.

Now on to the movie I saw over Thanksgiving:

Stranger Than Fiction in 25 words or less:

"Innocuous" may not sound like a compliment, but . . . it was warm, fuzzy, smart, surprisingly effective, and hid its incongruities well. Performances and soundtrack all excellent. B+
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