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Tardy Sundance film review session

I saw some great movies at Sundance. (I also had an excellent time, but that's a different topic.) They were sufficiently different from each other that it was difficult to give value judgments or even pick favorites; different movies for different moods. But the point of the 25-word review, for me, is to distill an assessment down into the one or two observations that best express why one came away from a movie with a particular feeling, not to pick favorites. What a relief!

I shall post them in the order in which I saw them. Here are the first three (of seven):

Bugmaster (Japanese site) in 25 words or less:
Leisurely, gorgeous, ethereal manga adaptation. Suffers from a (serialized?) structure and a poorly translated mythological underpinning, but I didn't need specifics to appreciate its core. B.

(On a side note, there is apparently an anime based on these books, called Mushi-shi, which I have never seen. I plan to look into it because it's apparently quite good and is likely to do a better job explaining the mythology. And the serialization won't be a problem there.)

If I Had Known I Was A Genius in 25 words or less:
A mostly-autobio-pic that trends a bit much toward the "complainy," easily vindicated by gem-written (and performed) hilarious turns from well-cast stars. B+.

Angel-A (French site) in 25 words or less:
Luc Besson does "It's A Wonderful Life." Shallow, and full of refrigerator problems, but beautiful in b/w Parisian glory and quite entertaining, for all that. B-.

(On a side note, its soundtrack, which I liked enough to purchase, is so annoyingly copy-protected that I can't listen to it on my iTunes and can't put it in my computer without agreeing to install some unknown software that scares me (I declined and removed it without listening). So I own this CD now that I can't use. I haven't looked into the possibility of illegally downloading this stuff just so I could listen to it on my computer, but the irony of the situation is I'm more likely to do it with this than with something I could just buy and listen to on iTunes like all of my other music. Talk about counterproductive. I hate DRM.)
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