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It was bound to happen eventually . . .

Reviews of the remaining four movies I saw at Sundance. Amazing how I can see seven movies in two days but then it takes me a month to post about them. Hmmmm.

Fido in 25 words or less:
Needed to choose between comedy and (slightly over-smug) satire. But zombies played for retro laughs? Excellent idea. Carrie-Ann Moss was outstanding. Cult potential. B.

Rocket Science in 25 words or less:
Coming-of-age gem -- fiction -- from Spellbound's creator. Swept me along and made me care. Hyperintelligent writing and emotional resonance masked some odd story choices. A.

Manda Bala (Send a Bullet) in 25 words or less:
If it had made explicit the connections the director made in the Q/A, this would have been among the best documentaries ever. Brazil, man. Wow. A-.

Grace is Gone in 25 words or less:
This road trip moved like molasses and seemed contrived for maudlin effect. And why didn't they wear seat belts? But it tugged my heartstrings anyway. B.
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