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Reason # 759 that reading other people's blogs is both good and bad

Scott McCloud's blog just introduced me to the "Other People's Stories" website. The current story is a webcomic, although I gather that most of the stories are not. They're just interesting stories, as told by people who didn't originate them, in a combination of skilled crafstmanship and "found" art. I've been enjoying the stories for a while this evening, which is good because nothin' beats a good story on a Wednesday night, and bad because, well, technically a brief due Friday should by all rights beat a good story on a Wednesday night. Anyway, I recommend the site. 'Cuz I know just what everyone out there in web-land needs is another interesting thing to read on the web.

In other news, I've been falling down on the job as a 25-word reviewer. I'm going to rectify that now with my two most recent film-viewing experiences:

MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON in 25 words or less:
A contrived, gooey mess with an abrupt ending and too many soliloquies ...but so dang sincere! Plus, Jimmy Stewart is a master of physical expression. B.

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS in 25 words or less:
Impressive, unabashed, anime-inflected mecha battles and dragonball-z-style flying fights interspersed with incomprehensible pontificating and other awfulness. A landmark work of unintentional comedy. C

And it wouldn't be a post lately without some veiled chatter about X, which is coming along nicely, thank you, is taking a lot of time away from work, and is hovering between being a source of excitement and a source of anxiety. More on that soon, I assure you.

So that's me, done posting and heading back to the aforementioned brief.

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