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too . . . much . . . to . . . say . . . ::thud::.

Lots of activity over the past couple of weeks: business travel and more business travel, a fundraiser (Celebrities spotted included Ed Helms and Pauly Shore. Talk about diverse!), an excellent game night on Memorial Day, an awful lot of hours at work, and did I mention the business travel? Tomorrow I'm off on another cross country jaunt.

Then gardeners came to my house this past weekend to do brush clearing. It shouldn't have been nearly as exciting as it was. But now the brush is cleared! And the giant bushy thing that hangs over the wall by the road has a haircut! It looks like a bob haircut, all clean-edged along the bottom, about 5 feet up from the street level.

And against the odds, I saw a movie:
Pirates Of the Carribean: At World's End in 25 words or less:
A series of excellent scenes and set pieces (and some crummy ones too) connected by a nonsensical plot. Overall, a real mess, but curiously enjoyable. B-. (scatterplot: x=-1; y=2)

What I have not done is read Livejournal. So if there's news, let me know. I probably won't be back on much in the next few weeks, but one never knows!
Miss you all!

smiles -
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