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This is what I get for failing to take seriously the admonitions of others. I made the rather uncontroversial move of going out with a colleague to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to grab an ice blended mint mocha, thinking, ooh, maybe the caffeine will help me focus. Well let me tell you, nothing helps you focus like having to hightail it back to your office with zombies in hot pursuit. (Okay, lukewarm pursuit. But still, perks ya right up.)

The first few appeared as we were emerging from the CB&TL with our frosty beverages. They seemed to be coming from the CAA building, in small clusters of four or five, arms raised before them in what I must say was a rather stereotypical and derivative fashion. I don't think I'd have given it a second thought, except that one seldom sees so many agents in one place without either buxom arm-candy, or Porsches, or both. We picked up the pace a bit. Then a couple of laptoppers who were sitting at the Coffee Bean's umbrella tables got snagged.

Even then it didn't really sink in. You know, we actually waited for a moment at the pedestrian light before running across the street? (And me from New York!) The zombies couldn't have cared less about getting run over, so they made up a bunch of ground at the street crossing. And I've gotta say, it doesn't matter how much time I spend on the elliptical machine, running in high heels still gets me winded. So by the time we made it back to the office there was a herd of zombies on our tail and I had mint mocha slushie all over my hand.

We had a short reprieve once the elevator doors shut, because there's no way a bunch of talent-agent zombies were going to take the stairs if they had a choice. But once they got the security guards, I figured, there was no telling. So now I'm in my office, door locked, watching the havoc outside. I seriously have no idea how I'm going to make it home. Maybe briefs work as well as scripts?

(BLITEOTW, whee!)
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