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Tackling the film backlog

So it turns out I've been to the movies a few times in the past couple of weeks, and have been derelict in my 25-word review posting.

Here are the three I saw over the previous weekend. This past weekend's yet to come.

The Princess Bride in 25 words or less:

Of the myriad reasons this is a comfort-food film, perhaps none is so compelling as its phrasing: even the more-forgettable lines are memorable. A+.

Happy Feet in 25 words or less:

So confused by the good reviews! It's rife with cuteness, but also about 20 minutes too long, cracktastically illogical, and quite possibly racist. Disappointing. C-.

Die Hard in 25 words or less:

I hadn't forgotten that it's a genre-defining classic, but I had forgotten why. Not only exciting, but also detailed and touching -- worth another watch. A.
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