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Why didn't I think of this earlier?

It takes no more time to hop in the car and get a falafel wrap from Zankou Chicken than it does to walk across the street to the mall. But Zankou has yummy yummy garlic sauce. Just what my late night at the office needs. Those of you who do not live near an outlet of Zankou Chicken, just trust that you are missing something.

And while we marvel that this Zankou suggestion is the third time in as many weeks that my office-next-door-neighbor has demonstrated that he is full of brilliant ideas (the first two being (a) he stayed at a hotel during the recent crazy heat wave and (b) he suggested a night of chocolate and champagne with friends last week when I most needed it) -- I will post reviews of my two most recent film viewing experiences:

3:10 to Yuma in 25 words or less:
It's tough making moral ambiguity believable; this movie did so, but at the cost of making other things cartoonish. Still, intriguing throughout. And great cast. B.

The Transporter 2 in 25 words or less:
Pretty choppy, pretty formulaic, and, um, pretty. Had a couple excellent fights and a couple good chases. Ironically, best at its tender moments. B-.
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