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We continue to learn about cheese

Point one: the better the milk, the better the cheese. This weekend's mozzarella and riccotta were by far the best I have made on this coast, almost (but not quite) rivalling some of the best (unsmoked) New Year's batches. Experience may have something to do with it, but even more I believe it has to do with the fact that I splurged and bought some high-quality grass-fed raw milk. Have yet to see whether high-quality grass-fed pasteurized and/or homogenized milk will do as well, but I'm also not sure I need to know. This stuff was just so much better. It's a lot more expensive, but also a lot more yummy.

Point two: There's not much point in getting a wine cellar to age cheese in if the wine cellar is going to smell like new fridge for months. I wasted a perfectly good gallon of goat's milk making feta that tasted like new fridge (blech, trust me) and really, there's no amount of balsamic vinegar that's going to get rid of that new fridge taste. Feta batch number 2 (which I also hope will be a little less salty; we'll see) is aging now in the crisper of the regular fridge, which is a little too cold, but at least it's not stinky. Two boxes of baking soda and a month later, the new fridge still smells plasticky. I am not amused. Any ideas?

Point three: cheese comes in film form, too.

Sydney White in 25 words or less:
Had I been warned, I might have caught the "Snow White" references in this inconsistent yet hackneyed teen-individuality flick. But would I have cared? C.
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