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I'm a geek.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me even remotely, but sometimes I surprise myself by doing a massive string of geeky things all in a row. To wit, on Friday afternoon, I was telling cantot how glad I was that I had the opportunity to go to the Arclight theater [a/k/a the Cinerama Dome] to see the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition on the big screen, and how much I loved the extended bits. I noted to him that I was looking forward to having a Friday-night marathon of the unaired Firefly episodes, to get the same rush of familiar-yet-new fangirl glee. He reminded me that I was a very big geek. My response: "You haven't heard what I'm doing for the rest of the weekend." Yes, indeed, I spend Saturday in Anaheim with my customary local gamecrowd at GenCon SoCal,playing games, seeing an out-of-town friend, buying multi-faceted shiny geeky objects (purple with silver swirlies), and generally reveling in gameyness. We stayed overnight in Anaheim to play a Call of Cthulu adventure at 8am on Sunday morning - there's nothing like being told "You walk into the fortress and are overtaken by the stench of death" before you've had your morning muffin - and then jumped in the car to go back to the Arclight for the 3:30 showing of The Two Towers Extended Edition. Monday night I watched the first half of the "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries, and then last night I topped it off with the conclusion of Galactica and most importantly, the Return of the King at midnight. This was certainly not the first midnight show I've been to - not even the first midnight LoTR - but I don't think driving home at 4 in the morning has ever felt more satisfying or joyful. Or hard-core. But what can I say about the night when we finally got to see the little guy throw the ring into the f***ing volcano! [in-joke. The first time I saw Fellowship, the woman who had been sitting behind me, as the credits rolled, turned to her boyfriend and said, "wait, 3 and a half hours and we still don't get to see the little guy throw the ring into the f***ing volcano?" I resisted the urge to turn around tell her to wait two more years, as I suspect she would have clobbered me with her stiletto heels.]

So, I think I might take a little break from geekiness for a bit. But I can't be sure...

Anyway, 75 words on three films about which I can't even try to be objective:

FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING extended edition in 25 words or less:
The big screen makes this masterpiece even better. The "extended" portions blend seamlessly and fill in crucial subtleties. Go hunt some orc? Yes, let's. A+.

THE TWO TOWERS extended edition in 25 words or less:
Perhaps not as seamless as "Fellowship," this seems long in parts, messes with Faramir, and turns Eowyn moony. But never mind, it's still awesome. A.

RETURN OF THE KING in 25 words or less:
Yes, the King is back. And so is nearly everything I could have hoped for. Swept me along the whole complex, improbable, and thrilling ride. A+.

Now I can't wait for the Return of the King Extended Edition to come out. I'm sick, aren't I. Perhaps there's medicine available for this condition.

smiles -
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