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I've been using my TiVo wishlist function as if it were Netflix

And I also have been to see some movies in the last two weeks. So that means I now have to fulfill my responsibility and provide some 25-word reviews.

Wanted in 25 words or less:
A surprisingly satisfying story, considering its graphic body count and distracting effects. Highly recommended for those who, like me, enjoyed Fight Club. Stunning action sequences. B.

WALL-E in 25 words or less:
A heartwarming, meaningful story about being the steward of one's own life. Let the heavy-handed environmentalism wash over you: this is a masterpiece. A-.

King of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters in 25 words or less:
You knew the path to becoming Donkey Kong world champion would be heartbreaking. But this documentary also makes it dramatic, and a little profound. A-.
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