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Guess I forgot to post this before

So... I'm still processing some tough stuff on my end, and although I have a long list of things to post about ("The Word!"; "Rindless Danish Cheese!"; "The nature of backlog!"; "Some emotional trauma for ellinor!" and much much more!) I won't make a long post, because of the aforementioned processing, the need to be low key because I'm still not feeling tip-top, and other things I need to do before setting out tonight for the East Coast. but in the meantime I'll stem the tide of the backlog with my 25 words on a movie I saw a while back now...

The Last Samurai in 25 words or less:
This overblown child of the "long meaningful look" directorial school takes itself very, very seriously, and isn't redeemed by gorgeous costumes and well-choreographed fights. B-

The addendum, which I suppose is not allowed under the 25 word rule (but I say pah! it's my rule, I can break it), is that while Ken Watanabe does an excellent job, one interested in a romanticized version of the Meiji era would do better to watch episodes of Rurouni Kenshin than this movie. Go rent the anime.

That's me, for now. I can't even express how much I am looking forward to TribeCon at Noppet! See many of you there.

smiles -
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