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No, I didn't fall off the edge of the earth.

...Actually, the reason I've posted is because I have too *much* to say, not too little. And I am bad at breaking off small chunks. I will probably end up skipping vast stretches of my life-commentary, and that's probably for the best.

But in the meantime, on Friday night I partook of the twice-yearly tradition of Trivia, which is sort of a renewal experience for me. I gathered with a few friends here, including ban_sidhe, and we turned in a very creditable performance. We were not the top "remote" team, although it looked for much of the night like we would be. But for a group of seven people most of whom had never played before, which shrunk to three by the end of the night, I thought we did just fine, and most importantly we had a ball (or at least I did, and I think the others did too). I don't much care where I come out in the standings as long as I have fun, really.

I don't know quite why Trivia is such a renewal experience for me. It's very tied up in my psyche, as part of the "misspent" aspects of my adult and semi-adult life, but I can't put my finger on what makes it so. I'm reasonably good at it, but not an all-star (better-skilled, I think, at writing than playing, oddly enough, and I see the flaws in my writing ability too); I have high visibility in the Trivia world, such as it is; and it plays into my love-hate relationship with the frenetic...but none of those things are quite what makes it so self-defining for me. Perhaps it has to do with embracing my inner (and outer) geek, or with the reckless abandon that I apply to it, or with the particular way it makes me use my brain. I may never know. But huge thanks to those who wrote the contest, and to those who helped make it happen, for helping me on the slow road back to myself I started trodding on about January 29.

So now, by way of getting things off my to-do list, I give you
The Magic Christian (1969) in 25 words or less:
Incoherent, psychedelic parable (from Pythons, etc.) of money's corrupting nature. A hilarious joy, despite near-absent plot, characterization, or other hallmarks of an actual film. [Defies Grading.]

Okay, that's enough LJ time for now. More another time. smiles -
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